Club-wearables: Lingerie and harnesses for parties


In the vibrant dance and techno scene, club wearables have become an essential part of fashion trends, often blurring the line between lingerie and style .

These garments are more than just clothes; they are an expression of individuality and freedom, a way to express yourself in the vibrant nightlife., a major player in this fashion revolution, offers a wide range of club-wearables that caters to different tastes and preferences.

Our collection ranges from challenging to elegant, each garment designed to enhance your club experience and ensure you stand out in the crowd.

The evolution of club-wearables

From the roaring twenties to wartime glamour

Club fashion during the Roaring Twenties was exuberant and cheerful, reflecting the prosperity of the time. Despite the economic depression, the 1930s retained a luxurious look with elegant backless dresses that showed a combination of femininity and abundance .

Mid-century transformations

  • 1940s: Introductionof dramatic styles with broad shoulders and slim skirts, symbolizing strength and femininity during wartime.
  • 1950s: Popularity of the cocktail dress, ranging from full New Look styles to sleek“sarong dresses,” influenced by the fascination with exotic cultures at the time.

The revolutionary 1960s and 1970s

  • 1960s: This decade saw a shift toward minimalism, fashionable looks with mini skirts and PVC textiles, which reflected a casual but chic sense of fashion. The late 1960s introduced an eclectic mix of nostalgia and Oriental influences.
  • 1970s: Fashion embraced the Gypsy Peasant look, minimalist silk and jersey dresses and women adopting masculine clothing. Designs such as strapless and backless dresses became popular and symbolized freedom and self-expression.

The rise of individualism and modern club wearables

The end of the Cold War brought with it a new era of fashion that focused on affordable clothing and individualism , inspired by celebrities and influential people.

This period marked the rise of personalized fashion and laid the foundation for modern club fashion. Contemporary clubwear, often found in lingerie stores, continues this tradition of individual expression. They combine bold design with functionality, perfectly suited to the dynamic and eclectic world of modern club fashion.

Club-wearables: Beyond conventional fashion

The cultural revolution of club fashion

The rise of clubwear, particularly in Berlin, marked a significant change from traditional party wear to innovative fashionable statements. The fall of the Berlin Wall led to a cultural and fashion revolution and opened the doors for expressive club fashion.

Influences and trends in clubwearables

The club scene of the late 1990s combined sportswear and clubwear, reflecting a change toward individuality and self-expression . Famous clubs like Berghain symbolized this new fashion mentality, embodying diversity and freedom.

Modern Club wearables: a symbol of liberation

Today’s garments worn in clubs, such as provocative outfits and seductive lingerie, are a departure from traditional fashion. They represent personal freedom and have cultural significance in club life, especially in cities like Berlin, where club culture is closely linked to fashion and social emancipation.

Lingerie: An indispensable part of club fashion

Historical evolution of lingerie

The evolution of lingerie, from a practical garment to a fashion statement, reflects changes in society. Initially serving as restrictive underwear, lingerie was abolished in the 20th century and grew to become a symbol of rebellion and female autonomy.

Modern lingerie: empowerment and sensuality

In today’s fashion world, lingerie symbolizes sensuality and power. Styles such as lacy lingerie and provocative clubwear contribute to increasing self-confidence and individual empowerment.

Current lingerie trends in clubwear

Recent developments show an increased focus on comfort, playful aesthetics (as seen in the Barbiecore trend) and sustainability. These factors have influenced styles of lingerie, making them popular choices for club wear.

Lingerie in nightclub outfits

Lingerie plays a crucial role in putting together club outfits. Mixing lace bodysuits with leather pants or silky cami tops with mini pencil skirts shows their versatility and attractiveness. By incorporating lingerie into clubwear, style and comfort are perfectly combined, resulting in unique and captivating looks.

Harnesses and accessories: Finishing the look

Accessories such as harnesses , masks , bracelets and chokers or collars play an important role in the fashion world, especially in enhancing the attractiveness of lingerie. Harnesses, originally part of military attire, have evolved into fashion accessories that add a touch of rebellion, sexuality and even a bit of toughness to an outfit.

These accessories serve multiple purposes:

  • They work as a unique decoration that adds spice to the overall look.
  • They help form a modern style in line with current fashion trends.
  • They create a shock effect, especially in fashion styles such as street style or military, attract attention and help the wearer stand out.

Designers stress that these items go well with a variety of styles, but their striking and assertiveness require the right approach to maintain the cohesion of a rebellious style.

When paired with lingerie sets, these accessories can significantly enhance the look. For example, wearing a harness with a bodysuit or short top can emphasize the elegance and lightness of the outfit while adding a touch of assertiveness .

The key is to wear these bold items with confidence , as they are meant to attract attention and accentuate beauty and self-assurance.

Choosing the right club-wearable

When selecting the ideal outfit for different types of parties in clubs, it is important to consider the venue and theme. Here are some suggestions for different club types:

  1. Chic nightclubs: Opt for tight, fitted black pants paired with a tight button-down shirt for all genders. Women can choose a close-fitting bandage or satin slip dress complemented by ankle boots or strap heels. Minimalist jewelry, a striking watch and a chic clutch can complete the look.
  2. Casual dance clubs: Skinny jeans with a graphic T-shirt and neat sneakers or ankle boots are suitable for everyone. Women can go for a skater or casual mini dress with comfortable heeled boots. Accessories include hoop earrings, layered necklaces and a crossbody bag.
  3. Beach clubs: Shorts with a breathable linen shirt or vibrant tank top work well for everyone. Women can opt for a flowing sundress or sarong over a swimsuit, with sunglasses, a sun hat and flip-flops or espadrilles.
  4. Jazz or lounge clubs: fitted pants with a plain shirt and loafers are recommended. Women can choose a knee-length pencil dress or an A-line dress with heels. Vintage-inspired jewelry and a structured handbag are appropriate.
  5. Fetish or erotic clubs: Here you can wear bold clothing such as leather, latex, and shiny fabrics, complemented by eye-catching accessories such as chokers and themed attributes.

Remember, comfort is paramount in any club environment. It is important that you can dance and move freely in your outfit. Also, always check the club’ s dress code before you leave to make sure your outfit is appropriate. Whether you go to a casual dance club or a chic nightclub, the right combination of clothing and accessories can make your night out unforgettable!

Berlin’s underground techno scene: a fashion perspective

Fashion trends in Berlin’s underground techno scene are closely intertwined with its music and culture. As this scene developed, fashion became an essential element, influenced by musical genres such as new wave, techno and punk. During that period, young people often wore:

  • Second-hand Adidas apparel
  • Pieces by Daniel Poole
  • Stüssy

This emphasized mutual influence between music and fashion. This trend extended to Berlin-based clothing brand GmbH, which brought its underground style to the world of high fashion, especially during Paris Fashion Week. There, the brand injected a subcultural edge into the mainstream fashion scene.

The aesthetic of techno clothing in Berlin is characterized by a fusion of streetwear and clubwear, with a touch of futurism shaped by music festivals.

Berlin’s techno clubs are known for their dark and minimalist dress code, consisting mainly of black clothing and other deep shades such as dark blue and gray. Bright colors are avoided to preserve the dark atmosphere of this scene.

The role of clubwear in expressing identity at fetish events

Clubwear at fetish events goes beyond fashion and acts as a powerful tool for personal and sexual expression. Initially, leather clothing was intended as a way for men to stand up against female stereotypes in the 1950s to 1970s. But over time, this hyper masculinity has evolved, become more inclusive and has moved away from traditional gender roles.

The choice of clothing, such as leather armor and rubber suits, gives many a sense of empowerment and offers a sense of community and identity.

This has led to wider acceptance and integration of kink and fetish aesthetics into mainstream fashion, with designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen introducing elements such as hoods and harnesses into their catwalk designs.

Although fetish clothing has long been considered “ordinary appearances,” it is also a cultural marker that requires respect , similar to costumes from ethnic or regional cultures.

Safety and comfort in club fashion

It is critical to ensure comfort and safety when wearing club apparel to ensure a pleasant experience. When selecting club apparel, especially for dynamic environments such as raves, it is imperative that the outfit be comfortable and durable.

Key points:

  • Comfort: Essential for freedom of movement, especially in hot and crowded clubs. Breathable fabrics help maintain comfort throughout the night
  • Durability: Club apparel must withstand the energetic and demanding club environment so that it lasts and looks good even after repeated wear.

Just Pleasure products

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  • Customer Satisfaction: Positive reviews focus on the fast and friendly customer service and the products are well received for their style, comfort and durability.

Now trendy: The hippest club wearables

As a renowned webshop, we currently have a range of trendy clubwearables that are attracting the eyes of many. Our latest collection includes:

This lineup from combines comfort, style and a touch of risqué, perfect for club lovers who want to stand out with their clothes.

Conclusion: dress to impress

Clubwear is much more than just clothing; it is your ticket to an unforgettable night out. It embodies self-expression and attraction in the vibrant club world. If you really want to stand out, be sure to check out Just Pleasure.

Explore our collection of clubwear, where fashion meets fun, and dress in a way that will impress on the dance floor!


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