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Behind the Lucky Cheeks brand is founder, designer and general manager Muriel Klink

Muriel Klink, entrepreneur by passion

With the launch of her own lingerie brand, Lucky Cheeks, a dream is coming true for Muriel

From a young age, Muriel Klink dreamed of running her own small lingerie boutique. Delicate embroidery, high-quality materials and intricate lace from well-known international lingerie labels fascinated the Belgian-born lingerie designer.

During her school years, Muriel Klink began taking sewing classes and making her first textile creations. Photography was another passion of the driven student. While studying industrial engineering, Muriel set up a darkroom in her small apartment and developed unique photographic artworks. She had no idea this talent would come in handy later in her career when she decided to found Lucky Cheeks.

Professional experience and industry knowledge lay the foundation for Lucky Cheeks

Muriel only took the step to self-employment after more than a decade of professional experience as a plant manager and quality manager. In 2007, Muriel successfully founded an online store for multibrand luxury lingerie as an industrial engineer. In the following years, she gained valuable experience in this field. During this process, Muriel noticed that there was a high demand for high-quality mini-strings.

So the lingerie expert sold her multibrands online store and founded the Lucky Cheeks brand in late 2013.

Lucky Cheeks Mini Strings: Fair production and high quality

With her lingerie brand Lucky Cheeks, the self-made designer began to specialize in luxury mini-strings.

The founder attached great importance to fair production conditions and the use of materials sourced in Europe, ensuring that each Lucky Cheek thong met the highest quality standards.

The first three models (Red Flower, Golden Diamond and Ivory Pearl) were produced in a renowned atelier near Paris.

In September 2015, Muriel Klink celebrated her international breakthrough with Lucky Cheeks’ extravagant luxury thongs. Customers around the world began to fall in love with the company’s high-quality lingerie. All this was possible thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign and the launch of the Lucky Cheeks Queen of Love and Silver Moon models.

In 2016, Lucky Cheeks opened its Studio doors

To meet the growing demand for custom-made products and expanded size categories, Muriel Klink opened her own small studio in Monschau, Germany, in 2016. There, the founder began developing and producing more string variations, such as the Lucky Cheeks Micro String.

During the year, she also developed her Lucky Cheeks online store.

Using social networks, the extraordinary lingerie brand quickly succeeded in winning a growing group of Lucky Cheeks fans. The passionate photographer himself executed all the artful product shots and vibrant photo series for the growing assortment of thongs.

In 2020, Lucky Cheeks has come up with a new innovation; the new Lucky Cheeks crotchless thongs are particularly sophisticated.

Less is more: This thought definitely applies to Lucky Cheeks’ mini-strings

This type of lingerie consists of less fabric than a conventional thong. But that is precisely why its effect is so powerful. Mini thongs draw attention to a woman’s most intimate parts.

The lingerie artfully hides the bare minimum to attract specific interest. With an alluring mini thong, only a very small triangle of fabric or simple string at the back ensures a perfect fit. The front of this sexy lingerie is often elaborately decorated.

A woman with a strong sense of confidence might dare to wear a mini thong or even a micro thong. She is well aware of her powerful feminine charms and does not shy away from the spotlight. After all, such an extraordinary piece only has maximum effect when worn casually and confidently. At Just Pleasure, you’re sure to find the perfect sexy mini thong for you.

We offer Mini Strings in different colors, including: White, Black, Red, Gold and Pink.

Even if a thong is mini, it should fit perfectly

To feel comfortable in your mini thong, the thong should fit harmoniously against your curves.

We guarantee the wearability of our thongs by using high-quality materials. For example, Lucky Cheeks uses soft tulle, which guarantees extreme comfort. The straps of the thongs are also designed with comfort in mind. They are ultra-soft so they don’t cut into your body.

If you feel like wearing something tighter, no worries: all lingerie from Lucky Cheeks is designed to be invisible under your clothes.

Best of all, you can wear your thong exactly the way you want. Choose whether you want to wear the straps of our mini-strings high or low over your hips. You can decide based on what feels best for you because these versatile thongs allow for both styling options.

When browsing through our exclusive webshop, we are sure you will find the exact mini thong that suits you and your style.

Take a look and order your favorite seductive panties from our extensive selection – all from the comfort of your own home.

Sometimes you feel like a little luxury

Luxury thongs and thongs with jewelry

The elaborately designed and carefully crafted jewelry strings are one of those things that make life just a little more beautiful. Made of high-quality materials and finished with dazzling details, Lucky Cheeks’ jewelry thongs are guaranteed to enchant both the wearer and the audience.

Our thongs please not only the eye of the beholder, but also the lucky lady who wears them. You will no doubt appreciate the extraordinary comfort and seductive power you experience when you try on one of our breathtaking jewelry thongs.

What is a jewelry thong or a luxury thong?

Mini-thongs or micro-thongs shine in our jewelry string design. Complete with sophisticated details, these pieces are sure to add a touch of luxury to your evening. Detailed embroidery artfully placed in the most intimate places acts as an irresistible eye-catcher. And decorative elements made of precious materials on the side straps of the thongs ensure that your beautiful curves get equal attention.

A gold-tone necklace or silver jewelry embellishments will certainly look great on your hips.

Jewelry string: sparkle with Swarovski crystal details

While all our thongs are produced with equal attention to detail, our elaborately embellished jewelry thongs offer a special canvas for our wildest imaginations.

At Lucky Cheeks, we use only the highest quality materials, and our jewelry embellishments are no exception. That is why we adorn our unique jewelry string collection with the famous Swarovski crystals.

Whether transparent thongs or not, a touch of crystal magic instantly transforms your lingerie into a stunning masterpiece.

How do you wear a sexy thong in everyday life?

Is a thong the right underwear for everyday wear or is it rather unsuitable? That depends largely on the quality of your string. When you buy a thong from us, you are not only choosing a beautiful design, but also a perfect fit. You will receive your new luxury thong in sizes from XXS to XL. We also use stretch fabrics for our thongs, which are made by specialists in Italy.

The thong’s straps are made of thin, elastic natural rubber and fit tightly without cutting into your skin. This means you can confidently wear your new favorite thong in everyday life. Ultimately, you are doing this for yourself! Wear the underwear you like and feel comfortable in. Our clients report that a thong can increase self-confidence. Live out your femininity. If only you know and see what you wear underneath and feel comfortable, then our thongs have already inspired the most important person – you!

What types, Lucky Cheeks String, do we offer and what are the differences?

Choose your thong online and decide which model appeals to you the most. There are small but subtle differences to consider that are not readily apparent to the untrained eye. Strings have many shapes and especially details. The terms mini-string and micro-string already make it clear that less or very little fabric is used.

When you choose a luxury thong, you buy a model with special embellishments, usually with precious stones or elaborate embroidery. Our luxury items come in an elegant gift box. Sexy thongs are simpler and focus on design, with gems and embroidery absent. These strings receive in an attractive gift box. Furthermore, we distinguish in particular between the following three types:

  • G-string
  • T-string
  • V-string

G-String: a classic

Perhaps the most popular thong model, the G-string is characterized by the small triangle of fabric at the back. The fabric is transparent and fills only a small area formed by the elastic bands.

T-String: less is more

Although they are small, our T-strings should not be overlooked. Despite being made of very little fabric, they remain extraordinarily exclusive. Lucky Cheeks’ sexy thongs offer unique and unforgettable moments with their beautiful design. By limiting coverage to only the essentials, our lingerie draws your partner’s full attention to you and your most intimate parts.

V-String: bold and sexy

Slightly bolder is the V-string, sometimes called a Y-string. The point where the three straps meet with no fabric surface is slightly lower than the T-string. Visually, a curved V-shape is created at the back – provocative and aesthetic. You may also know them by the name Y-string – referring to the same cut of this beautiful type of thong that flatters the female body.

You can’t go wrong with Lucky Cheeks

All versions emphasize your behind and show off your natural, feminine curves. The partially transparent models provide deep insights on the one hand, but also play with the viewer’s imagination thanks to precious stones and precious embroidery. As for motifs, discover some beautiful ornaments and patterns, as well as floral patterns and many other designs in the thong store. Do you prefer a more understated style in white or black, or would you rather buy a thong that sparkles in bright red or sublime gold?

Depending on the model, the thongs are plain in color or multicolored and the majority are closed. Crotchless thongs are a sophisticated version of sexy thongs.

Try such a model and surprise your partner!


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