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Discover our collection of remote-controlled sex toys, which can be controlled via a smartphone app.

These toys add an exciting new dimension to your sexual experience. These advanced sex toys allow your partner to take the reins of your pleasure, even at a distance. This is perfect for couples in long-distance relationships or when your partner is traveling.

Pair your toy with your partner’s toy for endless fun
You can also pair some of these toys for men with toys for women. For men, then, for example, it is a masturbator that can be paired with a vibrator for women. The man’s thrusting can then be transmitted one-to-one to the E-vibrator for the most realistic feeling possible.

Create a unique and customized experience with apps
Using these toys opens up a world of excitement, adventure and intimacy. Through a special app, you can control the vibrations, patterns and intensity of the toy, and sometimes even create your own vibration patterns. This allows you to create a unique and customized experience. Many remote-controlled vibrators are designed with comfort and discretion in mind, with quiet motors and ergonomic shapes that fit the body perfectly. Some models even offer additional features, such as synchronization with music or sounds.

Every purchase at Just Pleasure is a gift for yourself or your partner
Either way, we invite you to indulge and treat yourself. You deserve it. At Just Pleasure, we like to offer you products that give you a sense of luxury.

We therefore offer only e-play toys that make you realize that you are really picking out a gift for yourself or your partner.

In addition, each of our e-play toys comes in a beautiful and unique gift box.

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