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For less intense penetration, choose our soft buffers. The Ohnut reduces or prevents pain during penetration. Adjust the amount of rings as desired depending on the size of the toy or penis. With the rings attached, you can enjoy penetration without pain.

How does the spacers work?
The Ohnut is worn around a penis or toy and acts as a soft buffer during sex. It reduces painful penetration, for example, if the penis is too large. The Ohnut creates a barrier between the penis (or toy) and the vagina, making penetration less deep without sacrificing sensation for the man. This allows penetration to be as deep as both partners find pleasurable.

Is one size fits all?
Ohnut is made of soft foam material and can be stretched, allowing it to be worn by all men and suitable for all toys. The Ohnut feels like an extension of your body.

How does the Ohnut feel for my partner?
The Ohnut can be used to penetrate partners of any gender. Feedback from men is that they feel no difference wearing the Ohnut; to them it feels like full penetration. Some men experience a slight “hugging” sensation. The majority report that sex is more enjoyable because they do not have to worry about penetration that is too deep.

What is the Ohnut made of?
The Ohnut is made of an FDA-approved, body- and skin-friendly polymer that is free of BPA, phthalates and latex.

Can I use the Ohnut with condoms?
Yes! The Ohnut helps prevent a condom from slipping off. Insert the condom first, apply lubricant if necessary, then slide the Ohnut over the condom.

How do I clean the Ohnut?
The Ohnut can be cleaned by hand with mild soap and water.

Painful sex (or dyspareunia) can occur for a variety of reasons, including medical conditions and physiological changes. The Ohnut is made of FDA-approved material and feels soft on everyone.

The Ohnut feels like a second skin and is so comfortable you hardly notice you are wearing it. Because you no longer have to worry about painful penetration, you can fully focus on what really matters: connection, pleasure and enjoyment.

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